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Bulk Email Marketing Tool

Digilive’s powerful email campaign service enables you to retain your existing customers. Our email campaign platform enables you to send, deliver and track your email and newsletter campaigns with high degree of accuracy.

Digilive’s email campaign offers simple, effective approach in promoting your brands through email communications. Our email campaign platform can create and send professional HTML email newsletters, promotions or email event invitation on the fly.

Our simple solutions enables you to retain existing customers. Email campaign sending platform can also track the performance of your campaigns for immediate evaluation. Our easy-to-use tool is suitable for a beginner to a marketing veteran. Get the best value for your money from targeted email campaigns.


  • Create, send and analyze campaigns.
  • Achieve high email delivery by following best practices
  • Track the results of your campaign to foster more sales
  • Why choose Digilive?

We provide highly intuitive and easy-to-use campaign tool
We help you leverage real time tracking and reporting of results.